New prices for coffees

We have new prices for our coffees. No they didn’t get more expensive, they hot less expensive! How is that for a change?

  • The Americano and Long black are now $2.50 each.
  • The Latte Macchiato is down to $3.50.

We also sell a hot chocolate off the menu for $3.50 and an Espresso Macchiato for $2.00.


Americano, Lungo or Long Black?

An espresso is not for everyone. For some it’s simply too strong and too bitter. For others it’s too little. There is a whole ritual that coffee lovers have in the morning, where you sit down, have breakfast, read a newspaper, handle the kids or prepare for the day in silence. That single shot of espresso just can’t cut it.

espresso shots
espresso shots

You can have a double espresso (aka “doppio”) or you can try to get a bigger espresso by adding something to it.

  1. Some people choose a “Lungo” which is an espresso with about half a gram to one gram more ground coffee and an almost double dose of water.
  2. Others will water the espresso down with hot water to create a larger volume of black coffee, the “Americano”, named so after the Americans in World War II who visited France and Italy and were treated to a tiny cup of strong espresso.
  3. A few people will choose the “Long Black”, which is an espresso brewed into a single dose of hot water. While that sounds the same as an Americano, it is not and you have to try it too believe it!
    • the water added to the espresso in an Americano, dilutes the coffee and (most importantly) mixes the bitters of the crema layer in the coffee itself.
    • the espresso on top of the hot water “elongates” the espresso and the crema is preserved.

That makes all the difference in the world!

Come and try it for yourself! You may add a little sugar to soften the taste of the espresso even further, but you will step away from the large of coffee in the end for nothing is the same after tasting a good espresso!

Don’t believe me? Watch this: