Espresso machine down

Due to some kind of pump failure in the espresso machine, we will not be able to serve you anything with an espresso.

Our filter coffee is running fine though! We will be using premium ground coffee to make up for the inconveniences.

Our sincere apologies.

Morgan Bailey Coffee on the grinders

We have started to try the different whole bean and ground coffees from Morgan Bailey today. This will last a whole week, at least.

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For our regular filter coffee, we will be using the Tanzanian Peaberry coffee. A medium light roast of naturally processed hand-picked peaberries from the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania, Africa.

Peaberries are something special. Only 5% of all coffee beans grow to become the smaller more dense berries with only a single whole bean inside. Most berries have a two halve beans much like a peanut inside.

Peaberries are said to be more flavorful than their brothers and require a different way of roasting because of their nature.

On the espresso grinder we have an Arabica bean from Kenya, Africa, medium roast and also naturally processed and hand-picked so you only get the best ripest berries.

Natural processing means the ripe berries are first dried on beds in the sun and stirred every 15 min or so. This is similar to what wine makers do to grapes in Italy for the “Vin Santo” naturally sweet dessert wine. In coffee this also brings more flavor into the bean before it’s roasted and gives a lighter body but more flavors.

The coffee tastes great with a medium to full body, plenty of sweetness followed by a fresh acidity and rounded off with a welcome bitter that’s not ashy like a dark roast. A sharp contrast to the “Primo espresso” Italian roast from Carib Bean Coffee we featured for the last two weeks. So we will likely use the Kenyan coffee for our black coffee and the Hurricane Brew blend for milk coffees…

Stop by, try for yourself and let us know what you think!


third wave water

Third Wave Water

We are finally offering the best water you can get for your coffee. Without a water filter you either need to use GeBe water (please don’t!) or resort to bottled water. Heavenly water is the most accessible on the island although the right mineral water would be better. RO water simply has nothing left in it so you can’t taste flavors as well as you could.

By using Heavenly water and adding the contents of a single pack of Third Wave Water to the 5 gallon pack, you turn your water into excellent water in an instant. Really!

Stop by our Café and taste the difference today!

Coffee is 98.5% Water

The most important ingredient in great coffee is not the coffee bean nor the ground coffee nor how you make it. It’s the water.

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and other sister organization all over the world have done a lot of research into the effect of water on a good cup of coffee and all have come to very similar results:

  • no chlorine
  • low calcium & sodium
  • neutral pH

The best water for your coffee is sometimes what comes out of the tap, if you live in a couple of very lucky countries. For most people, a water filter is highly recommended, or the use of bottled (mineral) water. But beware: mineral water can also ruin your coffee no matter what you use or how you make it.

Pay attention to the little label on the side of the bottle and look for this:

  • 6.5 < pH < 7.5
  • 75 mg < dissolved minerals < 150 mg
  • low sodium (Na)

On this island, Volvic mineral water is the best we have been able to find. Evian is among the worst.

Now some may want to use water cleaned through reverse osmosis, because it is the cleanest. But that water is so clean it lacks important aspects for your body to be able to taste the coffee properly. The pH is fine but there is hardly any calcium or sodium and it completely lacks the important dissolved minerals. So while it may make a fine coffee, you can tell from the crema layer in an espresso or filter brew that the water is not good enough.

Source: SCA

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