On the grinders this week

We have changed the beans on our grinders around a little…

For milk coffees we are serving the “Hurricane Brew” blend for Carib Bean Coffee in Antigua. It’s their signature blend since hurricane George in 1998. A wonderfully balanced blend of 5 Arabica beans roasted dark but without many of the normal bitters. It goes great with the warm milk in your flat white, cappuccino or latte.

For our black coffees, we are finishing our last bags of Wicked Joe’s “Bella Maria” blend of beans from Central America, Africa and Indonesia. They’re roasted light-medium to bring out the fantastic flavors of citrus, red berries and a smooth chocolate finish.

Once the latter is finished, we’ll try a bag of beans from Ethical Beans Company in Vancouver, Canada. They have a great collection of beans sourced from around the world and each bag has a unique QR code that tells you exactly where the beans came from, which altitude, which finca/plantation, who roasted them and what the roasting profile was. Very excited to be able to try them!


New machine, ready for service

Yesterday a new machine was installed and we configured it for making the best coffee on St Maarten again, as that is what you’re used to from us by now!

It’s a temporary machine while we get the other repaired, as it is the better machine. But we are not sure how long that will take.

So please come down again for your flat whites, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe au lait, latte macchiato, espresso, cortado, americano or long black!

Still no espresso but new machine on the way

Our old machine will need repairs off island but a new machine is on the way. Hopefully it will get installed on Monday. We will then need an hour or so to get it configured and calibrated but will be able to serve espressos while this happening. The espressos will get better and better through the morning.

By lunch everything should be in order and we can serve you the best coffee in the island again!

Espresso machine down

Due to some kind of pump failure in the espresso machine, we will not be able to serve you anything with an espresso.

Our filter coffee is running fine though! We will be using premium ground coffee to make up for the inconveniences.

Our sincere apologies.

Wicked Joe’s “Bella Maria”

This whole week and most of the next we’ll feature organic coffees from Wicked Joe in Maine.

It’s a wonderful smooth blend of coffees with definite flavors of chocolate and red berries in it. The espresso is nicely balanced with a medium body, plenty of fresh acidity and a nice smooth finish with bitters. The medium-light roast does it justice.

Wicked Joe is for sale in the supermarket and you can find out more on wickedjoe.com