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Double Dutch Café featured in Daily Herald

Last week, the Double Dutch Café was featured in an article by the Daily Herald newspaper.

In case you missed the article, here is a link for you. We’re very proud of what we do!

We have everything to jumpstart your day with the best coffee on the island and a whole range of fresh healthy breakfast items. No time for breakfast? Grab a fresh made juice or smoothie and you’re on tiur way in no time.

Or come by for lunch and enjoy the famous lunch buffet and salad bar. Don’t forget to take a delicious cappuccino to-go in an environmental friendly biodegradable cup and lid.

Too tired to make dinner? Grab homemade soup and a rotisserie chicken on your way home for the family. Just add a fresh salad and you’re done!

New degradable cups with colors

We were almost out of our first batch of biodegradable cups, lids and straws so we ordered some new ones. When we saw they were available in several cool flashy colors too, we jumped at the chance to freshen up our counter!

We now have larger to-go cups in black or tan and the espresso cups are lime green or tan.

Let us know what your favorite color is!