On the grinders this week

We have changed the beans on our grinders around a little…

For milk coffees we are serving the “Hurricane Brew” blend for Carib Bean Coffee in Antigua. It’s their signature blend since hurricane George in 1998. A wonderfully balanced blend of 5 Arabica beans roasted dark but without many of the normal bitters. It goes great with the warm milk in your flat white, cappuccino or latte.

For our black coffees, we are finishing our last bags of Wicked Joe’s “Bella Maria” blend of beans from Central America, Africa and Indonesia. They’re roasted light-medium to bring out the fantastic flavors of citrus, red berries and a smooth chocolate finish.

Once the latter is finished, we’ll try a bag of beans from Ethical Beans Company in Vancouver, Canada. They have a great collection of beans sourced from around the world and each bag has a unique QR code that tells you exactly where the beans came from, which altitude, which finca/plantation, who roasted them and what the roasting profile was. Very excited to be able to try them!

Morgan Bailey Coffee on the grinders

We have started to try the different whole bean and ground coffees from Morgan Bailey today. This will last a whole week, at least.

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For our regular filter coffee, we will be using the Tanzanian Peaberry coffee. A medium light roast of naturally processed hand-picked peaberries from the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania, Africa.

Peaberries are something special. Only 5% of all coffee beans grow to become the smaller more dense berries with only a single whole bean inside. Most berries have a two halve beans much like a peanut inside.

Peaberries are said to be more flavorful than their brothers and require a different way of roasting because of their nature.

On the espresso grinder we have an Arabica bean from Kenya, Africa, medium roast and also naturally processed and hand-picked so you only get the best ripest berries.

Natural processing means the ripe berries are first dried on beds in the sun and stirred every 15 min or so. This is similar to what wine makers do to grapes in Italy for the “Vin Santo” naturally sweet dessert wine. In coffee this also brings more flavor into the bean before it’s roasted and gives a lighter body but more flavors.

The coffee tastes great with a medium to full body, plenty of sweetness followed by a fresh acidity and rounded off with a welcome bitter that’s not ashy like a dark roast. A sharp contrast to the “Primo espresso” Italian roast from Carib Bean Coffee we featured for the last two weeks. So we will likely use the Kenyan coffee for our black coffee and the Hurricane Brew blend for milk coffees…

Stop by, try for yourself and let us know what you think!


Sampling coffee from Antigua roaster Carib Bean Coffee

Very happy to be sampling coffee beans from a Caribbean coffee roaster in Antigua. Carib Bean Coffee imports and roasts green beans from the Caribbean region and blends them into great coffees! The supermarket sells their ground coffee, if you want to try them.

We are sampling:

  • Hurricane Brew
  • Primo Espresso
  • Journey’s Blend

The first two are already gone, it’s only a tiny sample, but the latter is served today. So hurry by and get an espresso or doppio to see what their coffee tastes like!

We’re hoping they also have single origin beans but so far we like the Hurricane Brew the best for our milk-based coffees.