Latest trend in Latté art

If you’ve been following the trends in ever more clever and colorful Latté art, then this will not be a surprise for you. If not, then feast your eyes on this!

The secret to good latte art is the consistency of the milk froth. By changing the viscosity of the milk you are pouring into milk already in the cup, you draw figures. Foam pushes away the surface.

If you add color to the contents in the cup, you get very pretty results. Three different liquids in the cup produce different colored arts.

  • Mattcha latte (green)
  • Mattcha beet root latte (purplish red)
  • Beet root latte (purple)

The question that remains is “but how does it taste?”

Well, we sampled all three Lattes and while the mattcha latte was good, so was the beet root latte. The combination of both was not very enjoyable, though, but how can argue about tastes? A shot of vanilla syrup in the beet latte was even better! Really!