coffee samples and grinder

Testing coffee from Carib Bean Coffee in Antigua

We are proud to be able to let you try the excellent coffee blends by the Carib Bean Coffee roaster in Antigua. Their blends are fantastically suited to the warm tropical Caribbean climate and roasted fresh to order, shipped by plane and available for grinding on our Baratza Forté AP grinder within 14 days from roasting!

Fresh roasted coffee beans must degas several days to get rid of the excess of CO2 gas that is formed during the roasting process. CO2 prevents the beans from absorbing water during brewing. So the coffee is extracted a lot less (under extracted) and you loose a ton of flavors and odors. This can be avoided if you’ve let the freshly roasted beans degas for a week or so. It varies per bean, roast profile and climate as well as brew style! So now you know…

We have 5 lbs of their famous “Hurricane Brew”, a unique blend of five different arabica beans named after the 1998 hurricane “George”. We also have 5 lbs of the “Primo Espresso”, a signature espresso blend containing a balance of estate grown coffees from Central and South America, carefully roasted Italian Style.

Currently on our grinder is the Hurricane Brew, a great blend both suited for espresso as well as cappuccino or lattes. But we only let it shine in our black coffees! So try an espresso, doppio (double), americano or long black if you want to experience these flavors for yourself!


We now feature both the Hurricane Brew and Primo Espresso blend as our other beans ran out!